Rendered 360 Video With UE4

One day a friend of mind asked if there was a way to export a sequence of Cubemap Render Targets suitable for making a 360 degree video. After some experimentation, I ended up with a plugin that would allow exporting of any Unreal asset through Blueprint, including Cubemap Render Targets. Combine this export ability and some additional blueprint, I was able to create a 360 Panoramic Video on YouTube.

This ended up getting pretty popular and I gained a few clients because of it.

For more information, check out the GitHub repo for my ExportObjectPlugin.

Michael Allar

Michael Allar
Unreal Engine 4 specialized engineer in Los Angeles. UE4 Marketplace Seller, Engine Contributor, and Forum Moderator. Whether its gameplay, middleware, UI, VR, or backend, as long as it involves UE4 engineering, he is your guy.

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