Fundamental: UE4 December Game Jam Entry

I used to do a lot of game jams early in my game dev career but after my time became eaten up with more and more client work, I took a break from them. After several months of my Game Jam playthrough streaming, many people kept asking me when I am going to submit an entry.

I happened to have two days free during the December 2015 UE4 Game Jam and figured that it was as good a time as any to see if I still got the chops for a game jam. The theme of the December 2015 UE4 Game Jam was “The End Is The Beginning”, which naturally inspired the thought of mobius loops. I ended up playing with the idea of a track that folded on itself yet still had a continuous path with the ability to flip between ‘top and bottom sides’ even though if you never flipped you would traverse both sides. The end result ended up being a game I called Fundamental, a ‘fill in the track while avoiding obstacles’ game that ended up winning one of the three winner slots of the Game Jam.

You can download this game jam entry of mine here

Michael Allar

Michael Allar
Unreal Engine 4 specialized engineer in Los Angeles. UE4 Marketplace Seller, Engine Contributor, and Forum Moderator. Whether its gameplay, middleware, UI, VR, or backend, as long as it involves UE4 engineering, he is your guy.

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