In this video I show off some progress on my project codenamed Pow. Basically what is set up here are some basic weapon mechanics for a variety of weapon types and some UI.

As a silly challenge, I made a solution to what I thought was the unasked question of “How to use UE4 with Spout”. I set up a special Camera Actor in the world that would send its render texture target to a Spout listener using some really hacky UE4 RHI calls. To prove that it worked, I used a Spout listener in Resolume to see the live feed. Turns out it worked pretty well and people won’t stop asking me about it. Some time I’d like to be able to spruce this up and open source it.

Mimicking light controllers used in Hollywood, I rigged up an Akai LPD8 MIDI Controller as a proof of concept to adjust some lights in Unreal Engine 4 using the experimental LiveEditor plugin.

In 4.5 UMG if you set a player controller’s input mode to UI Only when trying to show a modal widget, clicking in the empty/dead space of the viewport causes focus to shift back to the player controller. If you don’t want this behavior, the easiest workaround is to set the root CanvasPanel’s visibility in your modal widget to Visible instead of Self Hit Test Invisible. This will cause the CanvasPanel to absorb all click events, including the click event that would normally send your focus back to the player controller.

Canvas Panel Visibility

Just a thought. Inspired by a friend of mine’s post on Facebook, I believe we should embed android tablets into the desks of schools and teach kids in their very first year of school how to answer math problems with LaTeX. The ability to deconstruct mathematics into an alternate language would only improve mathematics comprehension. That and there are many things you can do if every kid has an embedded android tablet in their desk.