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Good Things To Know When Living a UE4 Life

Things I often re-iterate to people constantly or things I sometimes forget myself.

Align Blueprint Nodes Like A Pro

Always have debug symbols installed if using the engine from the Launcher, unless you're never going to ever ask for help regarding a crash.

Use a style guide.

Be aware that content browser asset filters exist.

If you're having a hard time selecting transparent things or keep accidentally selecting a transparent thing, press T.

Control + Left Click + Drag the endpoint of a Blueprint wire to connect it to something else.

Alt + Left Click a connected Blueprint node pin do disconnect it from all things.

If working with UMG or multiplayer testing with multiple clients in PIE, it can be a good idea to set up custom screen sizes.

Be careful with Blueprint Wiring on Arrays.


Do you have a first person arm view mesh that for some reason is not being rendered or seems 'slow' in catching up to animations for no apparent reason?

You probably cut out too much geo from your first person arm mesh and its bounds are not visible on your ref pose's first frame, which causes its Anim Graph to not update as well. Either fix its bounds, or considering enabling the following: