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Updating UE4's Steam SDK

This document serves as a guide for updating the Steam SDK used by Unreal Engine 4. At the time of this writing, Unreal Engine 4 uses version v1.32 which is over a year old. Please note that you should only need to update the Steam SDK if you need newer features of the Steam platform, such as better Steam Controller support.

Enabling UE4's Steam Integration

This is the first step in a series of guides that will show you how to enable the OnlineSubsystemSteam module for your project. It does not cover session creation, session management, app id association, or anything specific to OnlineSubsystemSteam. These steps are the first part in enabling a Steam integration into your Unreal Engine 4 Project whether its Blueprint or C++.

Enabling UE4's Crash Video Recorder

Long time users of Unreal Engine 4 might remember an old feature that used be in the top right of the editor that would allow you to save the last 20 seconds of your editor’s activity as an uncompressed .AVI. This recording would also auto-save on crash so that if you ever experienced a crash, you have a video recording of what caused it. You can enable it by using the -forceenablecrashtracker argument. More detailed information about this feature below.