UE4 Marketplace Review: Military Character Dark

Video Review


Worth It?

If you are working on a third person project, yes. If not, I would hold out for a character pack that includes first person arms.


  • Cost effective
  • Look Good within UE4
  • 4K Diffuse and Normals
  • Skinned to Epic’s Animation Starter Pack Skeleton


  • 4K Mask texture could be 1K and still be of the same quality
  • No geometry behind face masks
  • Physics assets are absolutely terrible
  • Female character’s right arm clips in almost all animations
  • First person arm meshes not included

Michael Allar

Michael Allar
Unreal Engine 4 specialized engineer in Los Angeles. UE4 Marketplace Seller, Engine Contributor, and Forum Moderator. Whether its gameplay, middleware, UI, VR, or backend, as long as it involves UE4 engineering, he is your guy.

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