Refactoring Forecourse

I will post all the info I can about Project Forecourse as soon as this is done.

Currently I am in the process of refactoring my Project Forecourse's code so that, well, a bunch of things could happen.

The first and main reason is so that all my code is more readable and programmer-friendly. Also, I have decided to break down main components into C# .NET .DLL's, which will allow me or anyone to use a certain component of Forecourse without having to disable/modify a lot of code, and so that anyone who just wants to start making stuff with XNA can have all the base grunt work already done for them. My main focus on Forecourse at the moment is all code dealing with UI, as it is really hard to make a functionable game without some UI present. I am making this code (ForeGUI.dll) not dependent on XNA at all, so that the UI logic can be used with other projects without rewritting. To use this .DLL though, you must shell out basic functions to wrap a few of my GUI functions, but that is it. I will also be providing working example wrapper code so that you may rewrap the dll to best fit with your project. And the last major reason is so that I can get people working with me in XNA sooner and easier than before, as my previous code was pretty daunting.