Been forever since my last update...

Over the past month or so I haven't really had time to update my blog due to lots of stuff that went down that I had to deal with and that I haven't had time to develop anything regarding Forecourse... but now I'm back. Once again, I will try to remain constant with my updates.

Right now I am focusing on the Forecourse Content Creation Tool, named ForeCreation. It is (will be) a XNA-In-WinForms IDE, allowing the creation of assets that will follow Forecourse standardizations so that they can be used with any Forecourse driven application with ease.

I know its not much of a milestone, but this is my first time really dealing with WinForms, first time dealing with XNA outside of the XNA Game class, and the first time I had to deal with handling the reading/writing of custom data formats for use with an editor, and well, a lot of firsts. It is quite the learning experience and is going quite slow but I am getting there. My little 'yay I did it' milestone at the moment (which is pretty inferior code that could be done by a real programmer with utmost ease...) is the ability to programatically create tab pages that contain XNA renderers within. My first implementation of this is a 'texture preview' of textures inside the GameDataTextures folder of your project. It is more detailed in this video:

Video of Current Status as of July 25