Still Being Accused of Hacking

Its been roughly a month or so that I've quit AA3 because -everyone- thinks I'm hacking. For those of you who know me, you'll know that I am strongly against cheating in any way..

But for some reason I am still getting e-mails and steam bashings and all kinds of stuff about how people are proving that I am hacking in AA3. I just don't get it... I am 100% legit and stopped caring what these guys think, but this here is a perfect example of how if everyone in a community is jealous they will turn every piece of evidence they can find and turn it against you, making a false case purely on manipulated evidence.

Doesn't help that AA3 is soo broken, as that makes it easier to do so.

I'm not even the highest ranked in honor anymore, even though last time I checked I still was in the Top 10. Also with my month or so of not playing, I still am apparently ranked 23 in terms of total round wins. Go figure.