Introduction to UnCodeX

A quick, very brief introduction to UnCodeX.

Video Version

Subject: Setting Up An UnCodeX
Skill Level: Beginner
Run-Time: 6Min
Author: Credit to El Muerte for making UnCodeX
Notes: Very brief intro to UnCodeX

Video tutorial has gone randomly missing, will re-create and upload soon.

**Written Version

Theres not much of a written version here.

UnCodeX was created by Michiel Hendriks (El Muerte).

Taken directly from UnCodeX's SourceForge page:

UnCodeX analyses UnrealScript code and provides an easy interface to browse through the code, it can also produce a JavaDoc like documentation of the source code.This is also the home for other UnrealEngine productivity tools like the UC PreProcessor.

Acquiring The Software

  1. Download and Install UnCodeX

Setting Up The Software

  1. When you load it for the first time, or go to Tree -> Settings, on the left there is a Source Paths tab, click it.
  2. Under Source Paths, Add your UDKDevelopmentSrc path to the list. Hit OK
  3. Tree -> Rebuild and Analyse Tree


Package tree on the left, class list in the middle, class code on the right.

Really simple, really powerful.

Watch the video for a very brief introduction.