Donations For Better Microphone Would Be Lovely

While there are a few things I still need to work on to produce better and better quality tutorials, like my stuttering and rambling, audio quality is something that can be fixed immediately instead of over time through the power of hardware! I'm currently using a microphone I got with an ASUS motherboard about 5 years ago. While it is one of the better microphones I've owned, I've realized that to get good audio for these video tutorials, I will need something along the lines of a condenser microphone. While I'm not really audio savvy at all, I've had the joy of testing out some microphones and found that I really liked this microphone here. The problem is that I'm a college student and can hardly afford food sometimes.

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I don't expect much to happen in regards to this post as I'm just some random guy creating tutorials. Before I created these tutorials I averaged around 50 visitors a day, but now I am averaging roughly 150 a day. (Click here for stats.) While this hardly matches any reference site on the internet, it is far more than I'd ever expect to be visiting my site and for that I am very thankful. However I'd like to push the quality of my tutorials higher for the visitors currently reading my site, and this is why I ask that if any of my tutorials have helped you significantly, if you would be so kind to donate a dollar or two I would be very thankful.

In the distant future, I plan to go back and re-do all these tutorials for whatever version of UDK would be released at the time, along with future tutorials I am doing now. Hopefully with this new iteration of tutorials, I'd be able to package them in a streamlined DVD for those who wish to have my tutorial series on DVD. For every $5 someone donates, they will receive a free copy of this DVD if it were ever to be made. This is the only incentive I can offer right now, besides the fact that my future tutorials would be of higher audio quality and that I promise to continue this tutorial series until its done.

If you can't donate or simply don't want to, thats okay too. I'd love for you to give me some feedback however so I can make my site as good as it can be for you. Feedback can be at times invaluable compared to money.

Also if you know of a nice microphone I can get cheaper, or even are willing to donate a microphone, please drop a line so that I can make a more educated decision about which microphone to buy.

Here is the current microphone I am seeking.

So far, I have $9.41 in funding for this microphone.

Thanks for reading guys!