Do You Have A Tutorial Of Your Own?

As you might have noticed, I have a lot of UnrealScript related tutorials on my site. Infact, they are all UnrealScript related, but I'd like to change that.

Do you have a tutorial of your own that you would like to see list on my site or even have your tutorial viewable on my site with free space for video hosting?

The benefits of posting your tutorials here include free ftp space for your doings for your tutorial content and private space for any Unreal related projects you are working on or want to distribute*, viewer stat tracking*, the satisfaction of helping a good person expand his site (:D), exposure, and a place for people to comment on your tutorials. If more than a few come forward and submit their tutorials, I will create a page listing every author who has contributed along with links to their sites/profiles/portfolios/etc. If I ever go commercial with a book or DVD, we might be able to work out a deal of some sort to get you included on it along with a percentage of profit equivalent to the amount you would contribute to such product. This page alone has hit 5,500 page views within three weeks, while all the pages on this site total for 20,000 page views in that same three weeks. There are an average of 300 visitors a day currently browsing this site as well, and this count is steadily increasing.

There are a few requirements that must be met however:

  • Your tutorial must be created by you.

  • Your tutorial should not be about anything already existing on the site, unless it is offering an alternative way to do something or has a reasonable change to it in one way or another.

  • Your tutorial should be of high quality with good spelling and grammar usage in English.

    • If you would like to translate any of the tutorials on this site into a non-English language, video or written, please e-mail me.
  • If you choose to post a tutorial onto this site instead of linking to it, it must not break the formatting of my site.

  • If you choose to post a tutorial onto this site instead of linking to it, you must accept the terms that your tutorial might be edited for any reason.
    I am looking for tutorials of any kind about information this site does not have already.

To submit a tutorial as a link, please e-mail me at with information about your tutorial, about you, and a link to it. If it meets the above requirements, it will be listed on the UDK Tutorials page.

To submit a tutorial directly onto this site, please register for an account and make a post! Your post will be reviewed by me and will be published if it meets the above requirements, along with it being listed on the UDK Tutorials page.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully some of you will submit your tutorials! Huzzah!

*Only applies for those who post their tutorials directly onto my site.