New Project: Allar's Dev Diary

I know I haven't been able to upload some new UnrealScript tutorials in awhile, and that is because school has flooded me with work and I also have to catch up on a lot of work I need to do for a few team projects (The Hunt and Western Mercs). I also have been working on my book.

While I don't know how much time a week I can devote to tutorial making, I will be trying to do a short video at least once a week talking about the progress I've made on the projects I'm working on in an effort to share my development pipeline experiences week by week and allow me to remember what I did that past week. It might actually be interesting, or really boring. In any case, I hope you tune in a bit some times.

These "Dev Diary" entries will generally be in video form. I am considering hosting these entries on YouTube or a similar video hosting site. We'll see how that goes.

Well, here goes the first video. Looks like its already unsync'ed, and stuff, great. I'll be uploading my videos from now on instead of doing direct webcam recordings.