Jump or Die Released!

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In my final quarter at my college, I need to have three completed games in my portfolio to graduate. While I am working on a rather large project that takes up most of my time, I decided that to fulfill this requirement I would make two really simple games. I present to you the first of those two games: Jump or Die. Jump Or Die is a very, very simple side-scrolling 'platformer' built with the ridiculously robust UDK. Sure, UDK is complete overkill for a game like this but because I've spent the majority of my recent time in UnrealScript, I felt it would be fastest for me to make it with UDK. Even for a very simple game like this, I've still had my share of problems that I had to work through and learned far more than I intended, as this was supposed to be a 2-day game max. The odd little quirks that had to be overcome to make this is a discussion for another day, and so now here is info about the actual game.

Jump Or Die

You are a blue box racing for your life.
You must jump over everything in your way and reach the end.
Tap the screen to jump, tap and hold in order to jump higher and further.

Available in English, French, German, Italian, and Chinese

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jump-or-die/id449394637?ls=1&mt=8

Yeah, the game description says it all.

If you decide to buy a copy, take solace in the fact that you're helping me, a fellow UDK'er, to do bigger and better things, and if you like the game, well, BONUS!

iTunes Link