New Site Features Implemented

So I was able to get some forums and a fancy new feature suggestion box thing that I've wanted to add for a while now, fix some formatting issues on some pages, and hacked a bunch of PHP to get WordPress plugins talking to each other so you friendly people can log in via a social network platform instead of being forced to create a new account (but you can still do that if you like on the left hand side bar). The site still has a way to go before I can start pushing my planned content out, but its taking shape.

Comments can still be made on articles without being logged in, but forums and feature suggestions need you logged in. I'm hoping to do some cool stuff with user accounts as time goes on, maybe even offer subversion hosting? We'll see. In the mean time, suggestions are welcome on the feature suggestion page. Every account gets 10 votes a month that you can use to vote for something you want to see done on this site. Cool stuff abound.

Also, within a day of setting up the donation button on the People Who Are Awesome page that allows you guys to donate directly to my web hosting account as well as my personal microphone and pizza buying account, a Steven from donated $15, so here's a shout out to him. I am greatly appreciative of those that help to make this possible and I thank you very much. I'm not really sure what this Steven does, but you should go click on his website anyway. If you're feeling kind, feel free to give too!