Looking For Authors And People Who Like Writing Stuff About Things They Know

To make sure that my site has a steady stream of content to occupy your time between my tutorial postings, I am looking for asset creators and authors who want to share their tutorials or write articles based on things they have done... basically to blog about their stuff on my blog. I would like to keep the writings geared toward game development and the game industry but if you have some topic that you think might be of interest to me, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll consider it. I'm hoping for some artists and level designers to step up, but I'd also like a few team leaders working on things to possibly share their trials and tribulations as well.

Just recently I have enlisted a few friends and colleagues to help generate some content. The first being Savannah (Savvy) Cortez, current roommate and concept artist / 2D painter for various things, to help expand my blog to more than just programming. She has a few tutorials up, and you can check out her YouTube channel for her videos which hopefully she'll be adding to and sharing with us here. Here is a link to her first post here as well.

Next up, level designer friend and colleague Kyle Bardiau, has decided to give some blogging a try with some of the level design stuff he is working on. Hopefully over time we can see some of his designs come to fruition. You can view his first post here.

We also have the privilege to finally get some content on sound and music, more specifically David Mason's article about getting into the games industry as a composer. I have worked with David Mason in the past on the Unreal iOS game Warm Gun for which he has created a truly stunning soundtrack. Hopefully he will continue to write and share some information about sound and music that the game development world desperately needs.

Finally, as an incentive to get some new authors on the site, approved authors get all the web hosting space they need to share the things they write about (aside from putting a whole development project on my server.... for now).