UE4 Marketplace Review: Rin Blueprint Dice Pack

Video Review


Worth It?

If you just need some dice that can give you a face-up value when physically tossed around, then yes, you should definitely buy this pack. If you are building for mobile though, I would not due to its current un-optimized form. If you have the means to create the art and blueprint logic for your dice, and know a bit of geometry math, I would skip on this and build your own version. If you know how to create the blueprint logic but can't be bothered to make art and really need dice, either physically tossable or not, then it might be a good purchase. I believe this pack is a lot more valuable art wise than blueprint wise, and would be even more so if more materials and uv layouts were consolidated.


  • Physically tossable dice
  • Includes a D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, and D20
  • Working examples ready for immediate use
  • Lots of materials
  • Customizable materials via blueprint


  • Dice textures have low-res artificats, especially on normal maps
  • Atlassable masks not atlassed
  • Blueprint logic is terribly inefficient and very performance heavy
  • Some asset names are reverse of what would be expected. I.e. D20_Dice_BP instead of BP_Dice_D20
  • Content is possibly over-organized?