Align Blueprint Nodes Like A Pro

For those who haven't discovered this magic yet, blueprint alignment lets you clean up your blueprint graphs real quick.

Align Sample

This alignment feature comes with no keyboard shortcuts bound out of the box, which is a real shame. If you want to step up your blueprint game though, I highly recommend these easy to use custom shortcuts. You can set up custom shortcuts by navigating your editor to Edit -> Editor Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts.

Straighten Shortcuts

This I believe is easily the single most powerful shortcut in the Blueprint editor now. Select a bunch of nodes, hit Q, and all the wires straighten. I'm a firm supporter over 'straight wires' opposed to 'aligned nodes' in the 'how you should layout your blueprints debate', so 90% of the time hitting Q is all I need.

Some cases require node alignment though.

Align Shortcuts

This shortcut scheme for alignment is super easy to learn. You are most likely familiar with the WASD paradigm, and with this all you have to do is hold down SHIFT while pressing W, A, S, or D. Doing so will align nodes using edges corresponding with your 'WASD Direction', i.e. Shift+W will align all top edges, Shift+A will align all left edges, etc.

When confronted with the rare need of aligning horizontal or vertical centers, just use Alt+Shift+W and Alt+Shift+S to horizontal center align and vertical center align respectively.